SPHEREboard 6.7 Release Notes

November 20th, 2023

What's New:

Campaign Overview Updates

In this latest update, we have added a new campaign summary card that provides a comprehensive overview of the status of your campaign. Easily track the progress of your asset owners, view statistics around reviews completed, and quickly identify any issues with remediation that require attention.


The Owners section displays review completion status by owner. Click on any of the statuses to view a list of owners that fall into each category.

The Asset Reviews section shows similar statistics broken down by individual assets in the campaign. 

The Asset Remediations section allows you to monitor remediation progress when using a virtual worker.

Bulk Add Functionality for Asset Scanner and Process Scheduler

We are excited to announce new bulk-add functionality for both the Asset Scanner and Process Scheduler. These enhancements significantly streamline the process of adding multiple assets and scanning tasks at once.

Asset Scanner

Adding the inventory of assets that you want to scan is one of the first steps to getting set up. Previously, you could add a list of assets to import but then would have to configure them one at a time if you needed to add extra information.

The new Import Full Config button makes this easier!


Simply build a csv list of the assets to import along with their associated configuration values and save them all with one click!

Process Scheduler

Now that you've added lists of assets to scan you need an easy way to set up bulk scanning. In the Process Scheduler, we've made some tweaks to give you more control when selecting assets to scan. 

In the search options section,  you can now enter multiple values to search on. This filters the list of assets in the table below. Then simply click the double arrow ">>" to add all of the assets in the table to the scan.


Need to remove a few of those assets? No problem. Use shift + click to select a group of assets and click the "<" button to remove them from your scan list.


These new bulk-add features greatly simplify the management of large numbers of assets and processes, making your workflow more efficient and boosting your productivity.

Oracle Accounts and CyberArk

In the previous release, we introduced the Oracle Connector to discover account information from Oracle and report on access in the Accounts module.

In this release, we've expanded the Oracle use case to include CyberArk reporting and remediation. Improved reports in the Accounts module show whether or not Oracle accounts are properly onboarded into CyberArk.

Armed with this information you can use ARM and SPHEREboard's virtual worker to automatically onboard any missing accounts into CyberArk.

View of Oracle accounts in an active campaign for onboarding into CyberArk

More Database Connectors!

We heard your excitement about Oracle so we've continued to grow the list of database systems from which SPHEREboard can collect data. This release contains connectors for MySQL and Sybase.


These connectors discover accounts and entitlements from their respective database management systems. View access reports in the Accounts module, customize and apply controls, and use ARM to campaign and collect feedback from account owners. 

🗝️ These connectors are also fully integrated into the CyberArk workflow so you can monitor whether the accounts collected are properly onboarded and automatically onboard those that aren't by using the virtual worker.


Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements
  • Improved performance of Azure AD Connector
  • Added the option to collect unresolved SIDs to the Windows Connector
  • Resolved an issue where installing in a location other than the C drive caused configuration issues
  • Resolved an issue where Azure account names were not appearing when the "Retire" option was selected in ARM
  • Updated the Oracle connector logic to better account for nested role entitlements
  • Resolved an issue where the MSSQL connector wasn't properly collecting database-level roles for local accounts
  • Added paging to the accounts card on the identity details page
  • Resolved a time zone issue with stock and flow
  • Resolved an issue where the vault status of some local SQL accounts was not properly being updated
  • Updated the display of SQL servers in the Create Task page to more easily distinguish multiple instances on the same server