SPHEREboard 6.6 Release Notes

Introducing SPHEREboard 6.6!

What's New:

ARM Improvements and Campaign Email Editor Features

Campaign administrators can now add custom text to campaign headers to provide more information to end users:


The Email Editor now includes additional variables to provide end users with more information. New variables include:

  • Campaign start sate
  • Campaign description
  • List of asset types assigned to a user

✉️ In addition, these and all other variables can now be included in the subject line of emails.

License Expiration Warnings

We're keeping you in the loop! You will now receive warnings when your SPHEREboard license is soon to expire.

If you have a one year license, you will receive a warning notification four months before it expires. For licenses that have a longer duration, the warning will be sent eight months in advance. This will give you ample time to collaborate with our team and renew your license, ensuring uninterrupted access to SPHEREboard.


Oracle Connector

We've added Oracle to our database connector inventory. You can collect account information from Oracle and view reports on what roles and privileges those accounts have.


Account information collected by the Oracle connector can be viewed in the Accounts module...

Oracle will be included in list of database managements systems that have been scanned.

OracleAccountsView the list of accounts that have access to each Oracle instance.

Dig deeper into each account to view roles and privileges.

...and added to campaigns in ARM for end user review.

Rotate Passwords and Reconcile Accounts in CyberArk

Additional functionality has been added to the CyberArk Worker to allow you to automatically rotate account passwords or reconcile accounts.

Campaign administrators have the freedom to customize campaign questions and worker templates, allowing them to choose whether they want to prompt users for input when making decisions about password changes or account reconciliation. Alternatively, they can opt for the worker tasks to automatically handle the rotation or reconciliation process. This flexibility ensures that administrators can tailor the campaign to their specific needs.


End user review where reconciliation is to be confirmed by the account owner.


Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Updated the domain of local database accounts to include the host name of the database server.
  • Resolved an issue in which having an unresolved SID in a local group on a windows server resulted in the Windows Connector failing to collect NT AUTHORITY accounts.
  • Resolved an issue in which clicking on flow accumulated in the Control Violations Stock and Flow Card was not correctly filtering out accounts with exceptions.
  • Resolved an issue in which the vault status of database accounts was not being properly updated in the ARM Asset Scope Card.
  • Resolved an issue in which date filters were not working correctly for Hygiene Reports.
  • Improved speed of SharePoint Online Connector.
  • Converted Task Log Table to new format with expanded functionality. 
  • Better reporting on AD account access to Unix devices.